Mobile CCTV

Mobile CCTV Unit

SSG is proud to introduce the newest addition to our fleet, a Mobile CCTV Unit. 

This highly equipped vehicle and SIA licensed CCTV operator can be deployed across the UK to assist Local Authorities, Event Organisers, Football Stadiums, the Police and many more organisations involved in deterring crime.

The vehicle is equipped with a 6-metre telescopic mast that rises from the rear of the vehicle and is controlled by our team on site. The mast is fitted with a Predator PTZ 360 camera, meaning we always have full coverage.

The camera is monitored by our licensed operator, who is based in our incident control room in the rear of the vehicle but also has the facility to be monitored remotely at our Control Room located in Stratford.

Located on the side of the vehicle are two fixed cameras which enable the controller to monitor activities within the area of the vehicle. This is ideal for town centres and football stadiums so that facial images can be obtained for evidence purposes and tracking missing or wanted persons.

Research supports the theory that potential offenders are discouraged from committing illegal activities when there is a CCTV system in place. Unlike fixed cameras, our operators can track and trace offenders using the moving head facility of the camera a powerful zoom facility enables our team to capture clear images of any potential offender.

If an incident does occur, our CCTV system serves to provide definitive evidence of events and to identify the individuals involved.