Mobile Patrols

Mobile Security Patrols in London

Mobile Security Patrols in London by SSG, the Mobile Security Patrols provided by our SIA Licensed team keep your business protected 24hrs a day Seven Days a Week. Mobile security patrols are an effective security solution SSG Provide mobile security patrols across London.

With the Head office in Stratford London, SSG is ideally placed to provide mobile security patrols across the city of London and Greater London.

The security team at SSG carry out regular, random mobile security patrols in the daytime and at night due to the element of surprise mobile security patrols are best performed in this manner. During patrols SSG will thoroughly check your site for any signs of intruders or a break in all access points to your premises will be verified, a security operative will check windows and doors for any sign that your premises may have been compromised.

If you are experiencing problems with anti-social behaviour, any theft from your premises or vandalism regular random security patrols increases our security operatives chances of catching the perpetrators in the act.

All security agents attending your site will be fully uniformed this can help to create an impression that your site or premise is protected by our able SIA licensed security team at all times and is an effective deterrent helping to ward off any potential anti-social behaviour at your business or site.

The team at SSG are highly trained, all staff are fully trained in conflict management and have the required training to detain any intruder or person caught in the act of vandalism at your premises.

Our highly trained staff are also fully certified to administer first aid. SSG’s mobile security patrols in London also provide a rapid response service should an alarm sound a patrol will be dispatched to your premises; our security operatives will then check the property for any signs of break-in or vandalism. 

SSG operate a fully SIA licensed ACPO canine response team this can be an effective solution when answering an alarm call and allows the team the best possible chance to catch offenders in the act.

Should an incident occur our mobile security patrols in London will call the police and report the incident of your behalf, should your property be compromised or any windows or any other part of the property be damaged SSG will arrange for the repairs to be carried out.

A full detailed report will then be provided to our pre-arranged contact within the business. All of our staff at SSG protection come equipped with body-worm cameras this allows us to film any incident in its entirety and can help with any potential prosecution.

A member of our team will then stay on site until such a time that the Repairs are completed, and the building is fully secured once more.