Waking Watch

Waking Watch Fire Marshal Services

Waking watch is a fire safety system where suitably trained staff continually patrol the floors and the exterior perimeter of a building to maintain the safety of its occupants from fire.

A waking watch aims to ensure sufficient warning in the event of a fire to support the evacuation strategy.

A waking watch is required when the presence of dangerous cladding or fire safety issues changes the evacuation policy of a building from stay put to simultaneous evacuation.

This change requires fire marshals to patrol the facility 24 hours a day, looking for signs of fire.

Following the Grenfell tragedy and forthcoming new safety standards, there has been an understandable rise in concerns about high-rise building safety. As a result, more waking watches are being recommended and used.

The use of waking watch reduces the time from when an incident is confirmed, to building evacuation, to around 10-15 minutes.

SSG provides Waking Watch services for residential and commercial properties throughout London.

Our team includes trained and accredited fire wardens, fire marshals and fire watchmen. With the Head office located in Stratford London, SSG offer Waking Watch across London.